Age: 28

Occupation: yoga instructor, senior project manager, actor, model

Education: University of Missouri-Columbia, Park University

Major: Health Sciences, Health and Administration

Motto: “You get what you work for.”

Unknown fact(s): “I helped open up a local Golden Corral when I was 17.”

Fitness Start:

Growing up, my dad was a bodybuilder. When I saw his trophies, I was really fascinated on how you can win something for looking good. 

Fast forward to my early 20s, I joined a new gym and got a trainer. My trainer happened to be a bodybuilder, too, and told me to consider entering into a competition. I entered a local body builder competition in November 2019. I walked away with first place in my division.”

I moved to Arkansas in 2021, and one of the bonding things to do there is going out to eat with new people, socializing and maybe not spending two hours at the gym immersing yourself into something new. I was finding it very hard to balance myself not wanting to feel isolated doing body building. I had to ask myself what was more important right now and it was for me to venture out and meet new people. Yoga as a teaching aspect came a couple months later – I have always done yoga but venturing to the teaching aspect was something cool.

Fitness goal: Handstand and run a half marathon.


Variation of lunges, step ups, glute bridges, deadlift variations, lat pull downs, variation of rows, back and bys, incline bench shoulder press, barbell rows, triceps. 

Fitness Advice: 

Ask yourself why you haven’t started or if the fitness journey is what you really want. Ask yourself what do you really want out of this, what does success look like, what are your actual goals? Once you are able to answer those questions, everything else is easy.

Top three fitness tips: 

  1. If you started, keep going.
  2. Do what works for you.There’s no right or wrong.
  3. Stay active and move your body.

Social Media

Instagram: @itsfitdrlewiss


Breakfast: Oatmeal and eggs

Lunch: Salmon and salad

Dinner: Fish or chicken, rice or quinoa veggies

Cheat meal: Chick-fil-A, asian food, Baba’s Pantry

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Simone Garza

Simone Garza was a reporter in our Kansas City office. In addition to general reporting on Kansas City’s African-American community, she reports on economic inclusion for the African American community....