Kansas City will play host to a delegation from Ghana on a pilgrimage to the site of the Quindaro Underground Railroad to apolgize for their involvement in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade but to also begin a new and long-lasting relationship.   

A cultural assembly is set to take place in Kansas City on Sept. 28 and 29 with 100 delegates from Ghana gathering along with local and national leaders for an apology, conversation and healing.  Kansas City residents are invited to join the two-day event.

On Wed., Sept 28. the delegation will gather for a special ceremonial event, apology and healing at the site of the Quindaro Ruins overlook from 9 – 11 a.m. The gathering will begin with a drumming processional from the John Brown Statue to the overlook where a planned, sacred but invigorating ceremony will be held. 

“Across the world, our people were sold and suffered unmentionable horrors and today we gather to say, one to another… it is time to let the healing begin,” is the message from the Okobesee Foundation in Ghana.  

The organization is seeking opportunities to reach out to “all our displaced brethren of the global Diaspora” to say, the sorrow will be remembered, but it must also be put in the past, “so that we may begin anew.”    

After the ceremony, the delegation and invited guests will gather for lunch at the Bruce Watkins Center in Kansas City, MO.  

Thursday’s free cultural and trade seminar is set to promote unity, help build a long-lasting fruitful exchange and foster ongoing trade, tourism and cultural enrichment.  To receive a zoom invite/link to this virtual seminar email creativecitykc@gmail.com.

For more than 150 years, Ghana was the center for the British slave trade. It is believed that more than 10 million people were sold, traded and transported in the transatlantic slave trade.   

The two-day event is the vision of the United Nations Decade of People of African Descent and it’s s cohosted in Kansas City, by UNESCO City of Music in partnership with UNESCO Ghana.  United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) uses education, science and culture to inform, inspire and engage people everywhere and to foster understanding and respect for each other and our planet. 

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  1. Put in the past? It’s not that simple. Accepting the apology is one thing, but systematic racism will not go away with the apology. Maybe the solution is Ghana will actively work to help resolve the issues that consistently impacts the global African diaspora. Simply putting it in the past is not an option.

  2. I personally do not accept any apologies from Ghana for they are not the reason slavery took place and they were not at fault for the most part.

    The miniscule number of Ghanian leaders who we tricked and primarily forced into such indulgence, are forgiven.

    The White World who continue to enslave us to date and attempt to force us to use GMO Seeds (A Bio Weapon), must pay Reparations amoung other things like returning Stollen Gold, Diamonds and Artwork.

    The USA and Europe have many Organic and Non-GMO Farms yet they attempt to force Countries in Africa to plant GMO Seeds and use Artificial Fertilizers which bring on the Disease of Homosexuality amoung other Chronic Diseases.

    Do not perpetuate the lie.

  3. Apologies are not accepted, Ghana nor the people referred to as Black leaders cannot dictate to the Children of the people you sold what and when to forget. You have elite Africans whose family made money in the Slave Trade in the U.S. rich off the blood of our people Ghana, Benin and others sold exploiting Black American Culture and benefiting off our fight because they haven’t accomplished anything on their own in 500 years. Can you bring back our grandmothers children who were sold across the Americas and the babies fed to alligators? Can you bring back the men who were worked to death, hung or sold to the Caribbean because they wouldn’t stop fighting to be free? For those who say Ghana had minimum to do with slavery. Ghana the former GOLD COAST was right there with Dahomey, former Benin Empire and Congo as the most prolific SLAVE SELLERS ever! This is a propaganda PIVOT because Black Americans are done with the lies and are demanding Reparations for Ghana. The Ghana president himself have the nerve to ask for Reparations. I wonder for who and for what? The disrespect from our own so-called leaders who need to go home after this 2023 and the 2024 election cycle. It’s clear they don’t work for us the people who put them in office. Too many have sat there for too long and became stagnant! They nor Ghana don’t get to decide if and when we forgive anyone. Black Americans number in the millions and they don’t speak for us about SLAVERY! But you can get your people who are not legally here and take them back with you! They are draining the resources and housing from working poor Black Americans. But for the Children of those Chattel Slaves, who did much better than you, post and pre slavery, REPARATIONS come with that apology. We are making no difference in you than your European business partners! We don’t believe in racism we want Reparations for them and the African Slaver Traders as well!

  4. Kwaku Uncle Billy
    There are two United Nations groups at work here and we accept all good will coming from all four corners of the earth. Now only if the World Bank will get involved!

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