The first of three planned ChenMed Dedicated Senior Medical Centers is now open for business and accepting new patients at 13th and Grove. A ribbon cutting and Grand Opening celebration is planned for April 27, according to Stefan Krsmanovic, membership growth consultant for the clinic.

The Center will primarily focus on providing care for those 65 and older who have insurance through a Medicare Advantage plan from Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, WellCare or Humana, he said. They will also accept some 55-year-and older patients who have Medicaid or Medicare plans related to disability or other specific health issues.

The business model provides a lower physician-to-patient ratio than many private practices. ChenMed caps the patient load at 450 for any one doctor, according to Dr. R. Brian Hilgenfeld, the Center’s Medical Director.

“Our model calls for a patient to always see the same doctor, the same nurse and the same care facilitator,” he said. “We take care of a population with a lot of medical problems. We work in partnership with the insurance providers to make sure that we can see a patient as often as necessary, even every day if the situation calls for that.”

The clinic has X-ray, Laboratory and Echocardiogram capabilities onsite and care team coordinators to help facilitate necessary visits to outside providers for services such as vision and dental or testing that is not provided onsite. The program also will provide rides to and from appointments for patients.

“Our goal is to develop relationships that help keep people healthier and avoid hospitalizations,” Hilgenfeld said.