The focus on Roger Golubski has drawn national attention to KCK and painted the city as a place where an out-of-control police department let rogue cops run unchecked and as a city where Black people were harassed and no one did anything about it. 

A lot of attention continues to be paid to Lamonte McIntrye, who was wrongly convicted and served decades in jail for a murder he didn’t commit. Lamonte boldly has not turned his back on others who, like him, may be serving time for crimes they didn’t commit. This is meaningful and important work. 

But, what about the rest of the victims?

It’s time to turn attention to the many women who suffered at the hands of Golubski.  

Many of them continue to suffer from the weight of what happened to them. Where is the justice for them and assistance that many of them need to finally get their lives on the right track?  What about their children, who also suffered?

Also important, where is the arrest and conviction on murder charges of the individual or individuals responsible for the murder of Doniel Quinn and Donald Ewing on April 15, 1994?

Everyone has agreed it wasn’t Lamonte McIntyre.  

The man most people believe pulled the trigger, Neal “Monster” Edgar Jr., is currently serving time for the 2015 murder of a Missouri man, whom he shot three times in the head.

However, most people don’t believe Monster acted on his own. 

When will there be a real investigation into this 28-year-old crime? When will there be an arrest? 

It’s great to celebrate Lamonte’s release, and Golubski’s charges, but there is still work that MUST BE DONE! 

Justice for Wyandotte!!

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Bonita Gooch

Since 1996, Bonita has served as as Editor-in-Chief of The Community Voice newspaper. As the owner, she has guided the Wichita-based publication’s growth in reach across the state of Kansas and into...

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  1. Thank you Bonita and your staff,for keeping me inform about things I never read about in other papers in Wichita. Community Voice reminds me of the Jet magazine.

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