Reflecting about Pastor Montgomery from our article from August 19, 2022 in The Community Voice

The kind of response we had on social media and our website in response to our Aug. 4 article about the joint retirement of Lincoln Montgomery and wife Annie is a reflection of the respect, appreciation and love this community has for this extraordinary couple.

Their roots are deep in this community; they grew up in and have dedicated their entire careers to service in Northeast Wichita. We [the community] feel we know them so well that they’re casually referred to as Lincoln and Annie. They’re us, but so much more.

Pastor Montgomery (I use in deference to the respect he sincerely deserves) is the longest serving minister at one of Wichita’s stalworth churches, Tabernacle

Bible Church. He’s led and directed the spiritual growth of the church’s members for 35 of the church’s 141-year history. Along the way, he is credited with implementing significant changes that transformed the church‘s meaningful outreach, spiritual renewal and discipleship efforts.

Transformational Leadership

In 2009, after speaking about church unity for 25 years, Pastor Montgomery approached his parishioners about a transformational change – discontinuing their affiliation with the Baptist Church.

Saying denominations pull churches apart, Montgomery      said Tabernacle Bible – as opposed to Baptist – would affiliate with “anyone who will have us.”

“We need to use that spirit of collaboration to begin   addressing the issues of our community,” said Pastor Montgomery in a 2009 interview with The Voice.

At the same time, Pastor Montgomery led the church to adopt a new mission,” a church without walls.” The concept was simple – the church could no longer afford to exist entirely within church walls. It was imperative for churches to reach out into the community.

It’s a mission Pastor Montgomery successfully implemented within all of the church’s ministries. The examples were glaring, especially in their importance with ministries like:

Their successful summer Vacation Bible School with attendance approaching 400 youth from Tabernacle and the neighboring community.

Their Hallelujah NIght, a safe and alternative event for Halloween, where children and youth from the community could attend dressed in biblical costumes, play games, enjoy home-cooked meals, and receive prizes.

TBC Cares, a successful and free after school tutoring program, which aided hundreds of students in their intellectual growth and academic performance.

In an especially impactful outreach, TBC Care reached out to the Wichita Bulldogs Football  offering tutoring to their players before their evening practices.

Beyond doing great things in the community, the Montgomerys did great things inside their church. Big on spiritual education, Pastor Montgomery transformed the church’s weekly prayer  Bible study sessions called “Wednesday in the Word,” that offered a preview of the upcoming Sunday School lessons. In addition, he helped build a strong Sunday

School program by establishing in-house training to identify new Sunday School Teachers for all age groups. As a result, the church has active Sunday School classes each week for all age groups, from the nursery to senior adults.

He established care groups, small group Bible studies to fit various affinity groups with common interests, like men’s Bible study, women’s bible study, couples’ Bible study, singles’ Bible study and seniors’ Bible study.

Pastor Montgomery encouraged others who had an interest in the ministry and personally nurtured their development. He was one of the earliest pastors in Wichita to allow women pastors in the pulpit, in addition to including Annie in the spiritual leadership and growth of the church. For 20 years, Annie – a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist – led the church’s Family Life Counseling Center.

The love and respect Tabernacle members and the community have for this couple is evident and deserved. They will be missed.

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Bonita Gooch

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4 replies on “Pastor Lincoln E. Montgomery of Tabernacle Bible Church has passed away.”

  1. True pillars of society, community and the church. My heart is saddened to hear the news if his passing. Lincoln was Northeast Wichita’s ambassador. He was the voice that was heard snd respected. He has always been the in the trenches type of person. He is the persona, the figure that can’t be replaced because he was a one and only servant of GOD that is true to his calling, the people he served and stood on GOD’s word. He was a devoted pastor, mentor, husband, father, confidante, community leader, friend and the list just goes on. My condolences to Annie and the family, we stand with you in this time of need. Wichita we have lost an icon and that saddens me as well and fear we will never have another Lincoln Montgomery, and GOD did not give us the spirit of fear. R.I.P. Lincoln, you fought an amaxing fight, conquered many David’s in your journeys and all that is left to say is, “well done you good snd exceptional servant “. Thank you for being you. Much love.

  2. they are such a vital part of this city, loved his teaching, and his wife, will be dearly missed on every level

  3. The Isaac and Regan family sending love and prayers and respect to the Montgomery family and church family.

  4. Pastor Montgomery will be greatly missed. He was a very dignified gentleman and loved by all. He would greet you when he saw you on the streets or at the grocery store, he always had kind words to say. I remember going to the church with my son and he would never low rate anyone even if they had just gotten out of prison. He welcomed you and would have the members to call and check on you or to see if you needed anything. Very respected Pastor . He will be missed!!!

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