Spire and Evergy are teaming up to offer Pay As You Save (PAYS®), a program helping Missouri customers reduce their utility bills through energy-efficiency upgrades with little to no upfront costs.

While Evergy launched a PAYS program in 2021, this is the first time Spire and Evergy are jointly offering PAYS to assist customers of both utilities.

To participate, customers sign up for a free, no-obligation home energy assessment. Energy analysts create a customized plan outlining recommended cost-effective energy-efficient upgrades such as a new air conditioner, furnace, water heater, duct sealing, or insulation improvements.

Through this new program, customers repay the qualifying upgrade cost through a fixed monthly charge on their utility bills. For all-electric homes, the entirety of the upgrade that qualifies for financing is done through Evergy, and if a home also uses natural gas, Spire will finance the cost for the natural gas savings upgrades. PAYS financing charges will then be split and reflected on both Spire and Evergy bills. The energy-efficiency upgrades help customers use less energy, and lead to lower annual utility costs, even while paying off the upgrade each month.

“We’re excited to offer another opportunity to help our customers save energy – and money,” said Shaylyn Dean, Spire director of external affairs. “Energy-efficiency programs like PAYS can help customers afford energy-saving strategies and equipment upgrades for their homes while lowering their utility bills. And because there’s no credit check, more customers can take advantage of important upgrades. A more energy-efficient home can mean not only savings, but a heathier and more comfortable place to live.” 

“PAYS is designed to assist our customers in making home energy efficiency improvements affordable and hassle free,” said Brian File, director of demand side management and energy efficiency at Evergy. “We’ve had great interest in the program thus far and believe partnering with Spire will create additional energy efficiency resources and opportunities for customers utilizing both electric and gas.”

For eligibility information and more details about the PAYS program, visit SpireEnergy.com/PAYS or Evergy.com/PAYS.

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