Wichita Police Department Statement on Racist Memes

Considering the ongoing investigations into officer misconduct in the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office and the Wichita Police Department, the NAACP is disappointed with the behavior of those who have been entrusted with the responsibility to protect and serve this community. The behavior revealed in the text messages uncovered by this investigation shows a culture that undercuts the foundation of what law enforcement should represent for the community. Officers should possess the moral courage to do the right thing and always protect the public trust. The erosion of trust inflicted on our community by these actions is devastating. These actions diminish the pursuit of justice and accountability and have forever impaired the confidence and trust established to date with the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office and Wichita Police Department. We live in a society that should respect all people, embracing diversity and equality. We expect to have a thorough and transparent reporting of all the facts after the investigation, discipline, including termination for any law enforcement officers found in violation of the law, and the necessary discussions to ensure these incidents do not occur again.

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