Arthur Walston has a knack for smoking meats. It’s something he’s done as a business owner for more than 40 years.  

Walston’s Kansas City-based food truck Arthur’s Hometown Sausage, is a family-operated business that’s most known for their homemade beef sausages, which are 95% fat free. 

“We have the best sausage in America,” Walston said. “It’s all beef and it’s not fatty or greasy.”


Arthur’s also serves up ribs, brisket, burgers and baked beans. In the fall and winter, chili and gumbo dishes are also available.

While the Arthur’s Hometown Sausage food truck opened last year, the business’ origins dates back to 1991 Kansas City, when Walston opened his first brick and mortar restaurant at 7131 Prospect Ave. After that restaurant closed, Walston moved to Memphis, TN and opened another Arthur’s in 2000.

When Walston moved the business back to Kansas City during the pandemic, he and his children thought a food truck would be the best option. Now that the pandemic has slowed, they’re scouting out a location for a new restaurant and possibly another food truck.

You can find the Arthur’s Hometown Sausage food truck at a number of community events including First Fridays at the Crossroads and 18th and Vine. To find out where they are, follow Arthur’s Facebook page @ or call (816) 531-9465. They also offer catering and ship products. 


Walston said, growing up, all of his children spent lots of time in the kitchen with him. From the beginning, his children have been an important part of the business.  

Walston’s youngest son, Elijah Walston, 20, says he loves to cook and help with the business. You can usually find him on the food truck grilling or serving up sausage sandwiches. 

“I was born into this business,” said Elijah, “It’s something my dad has been doing his whole life and I’ve been watching him and have had my hands in it too.”

Sausage and Baseball

Originally from Kansas, Walston used to be a professional baseball player for the Kansas City Giants, a professional Negro leagues baseball team based in Kansas City, KS. He’s now the vice president for the program Kansas City, KS Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI).

Walston hopes to open Arthur’s Hometown Sausage stores all over the Kansas City metro.

“Arthur’s Hometown Sausage is different from all the rest of the barbecue places in Kansas City,” Walston said. “It’s discovered but undiscovered because we’ve been around a while, but have moved and we just never got the publicity that we deserve. We’re back to take it to the top.”

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