Ain't Yo Momma Kitchen chicken, mac and cheese and green beans. 

If you walk into the soul food restaurant Ain’t Yo Momma Kitchen and demand something, servers and owner Franadcea Boston will tell you, “This ain’t your momma’s kitchen. This is where the customer is always wrong.”

Employees at the restaurant have a snarky, but funny and family-friendly sense of humor that they readily share with customers, which keeps them coming back.

They even made a mistake on the menu on purpose, which says customers can receive two sides of their choice with dessert. If the customer asks about it, the server responds with something like, “Well, you can get air or air.”

“We’re playful with our customers and always make sure they laugh,” said Boston, who is 18-years-old and opened the restaurant with the support of her parents in July after she graduated high school with a culinary arts certificate.

The restaurant is located 208 N Main St in Independence.

“We support all of our children and we just wanted (Boston) to be her own boss and hopefully, this restaurant will grow and become a chain,” said Kevin Smith, Boston’s stepfather.

Ain’t Yo Momma Kitchen serves southern home cooked meals including chicken and dressing, spaghetti, meatloaf, mac and cheese, greens, banana pudding and candied yams. The meatloaf is the restaurant’s most popular dish.

“We are not vegan friendly. We are a hearty place, so if you’re not looking to be really full, or not looking for a laugh, then don’t come,” Boston said laughing. “If you’re looking for a good, fun experience and something new, definitely check us out.”

Ain’t Yo Momma Kitchen also hosts drag shows every other Thursday. Boston loves going to drag shows and wanted to bring more drag shows farther out into the metro for those who don’t live near the downtown area. To keep up with future drag shows, visit Ain’t Yo Momma Kitchen’s Facebook page here:

In addition to providing a welcoming and accepting place for customers, Boston loves that she can give back to the community. Instead of throwing out extra food every night, she goes out and gives extra food to the homeless. She hopes to grow her dream of restaurant ownership by opening more around Kansas City and the state.

“When I walk into the dining area and see my customers enjoying the food, it really warms my heart that the customers love what I’m doing in the kitchen,” Boston said.

To see Ain’t Yo Momma Kitchen’s full menu, visit:

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