Kansas-based federal prosecutors are conducting a criminal grand jury investigation into retired Kansas City, KS Police Department (KCKPD) detective Roger Golubski. 


Kansas-based federal prosecutors are conducting a criminal grand jury investigation into retired Kansas City, KS Police Department (KCKPD) detective Roger Golubski, CNN revealed Oct. 14.

Activists have long called for the former detective to be investigated and indicted after numerous allegations have come to light, accusing Golubski of raping and exploiting Black women in Wyandotte County, and coercing them to fabricate testimonies to help him close cases during his 35 years at the department.

Golubski retired in 2010 and has not faced any charges for these allegations.

During what some call his reign of terror in Wyandotte County, Golubski was one of the detectives that investigated the double-homicide that led to the wrongful conviction of Lamonte McIntyre, who spent 23 years in prison before his 2017 exoneration.

A KCKPD spokesperson confirmed that since 2019, the department has responded to FBI subpoenas regarding Golubski.

CNN revealed that prosecutors have been calling witnesses to testify about Golubski since at least August, including Terry Zeigler, former KCKPD chief who for a while was Golubski’s partner.

Zeigler told CNN that he told the  grand jury he was unaware of Golubski’s alleged reputation for misconduct and that he never witnessed Golubski commit any crimes or sexual misconduct during their time together.

Another officer called to testify is mentioned as a possible corroborating witness of a woman who accused Golubski of sexually assaulting her. A third officer called to testify purportedly walked in on Golubski during a sexual encounter with a woman in his office at the police station.

Unified Government Mayor David Alvey released a statement Oct. 14 acknowledging the government’s cooperation in the federal investigation.

“The UG will continue to assist federal, state, and local authorities on any external investigations or inquiries involving KCKPD, providing any and all information requested,” the statement read. “I encourage the community to also assist by providing any new or relevant information they may have involving any unsolved cases or other matters for review … Our community deserves that the truth be known and justice be done, no matter how or when it occurs.”

Allegations and calls for Golubski’s investigation have attracted rapper Jay Z’s philanthropic social justice group Team Roc to sue KCKPD and take out a full ad in the Washington Post calling out the department’s alleged misconduct. The group also donated $1 million to the Midwest Innocence Project to investigate KCK wrongful conviction cases.

“We are encouraged to hear that federal officials are looking into the injustice in Kansas City, KS, and hope there will be results,” said a statement from Midwest Innocence Project. “We have heard of investigations for years, but what the community deserves is justice.”

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