The Corrigan Station rooftop space was crowded with more than 100 people wearing different styles and colors of hats. The original event held Sun., Aug. 29, celebrated the various “hats” people wear in Kansas City.

Greg Taylor, organizer and originator of The Hats We Wear event, said that as a master barber and owner of G-Class Barber Salon, he has met all kinds of people working different kinds of jobs who have a number of different responsibilities and titles.

“I made the observation over the years, just seeing the many things that people are a part of,” he said. “People wear so many hats in the community, so many different responsibilities, different jobs, movements and even within families.”

So, Taylor created The Hats We Wear event for community members to not only show off their fashionable hats, but to also network with each other and meet others, getting to know the different “hats” others wear in the community.

The event was coordinated by lifestyle brand WyldKard Lyfestyle and event planner Brittany White with B Royal Events. 

Taylor isn’t new to putting on community events. In fact, Christina Williams, one of the speakers at the Hats We Wear event said when Taylor throws events, “the whole town comes out.”

He has helped put on community service events, including his haircut event that provides free haircuts to those facing homelessness.

The Hats We Wear Recap

The Hats We Wear event was hosted by Tahirah Hinds and Melvin Strong with music by DJ Macc and Church Boii.

Model and runway coach Ramonda Scales featured her traveling modeling group called Her Strut.

“Before I became a model, I was passionate about dance, so I decided to come up with something more creative,” Scales said. “Why not mix dance and modeling together and be unique.”

Scales and two models from Her Strut used the entire event space as a runway to showcase their struts. They made their way to the stage where they introduced the night’s speakers: local realtor Carletta Temple and Williams, co-owner of Blakk Co, a gentlemen’s club.

Williams and Temple spoke about what different hats signify, starting with the beret. The beret originated from the military and is brimless, which Temple said symbolizes ensuring your sight is not blocked by distractions in life.

“It symbolizes that understanding and seeing that where I start is not where I’m going to end up 20 yards later and if I stay true and connected and not distracted by what’s on the sidelines, I can fulfill my purpose,” Temple said. “I understand that I have a lot to do and I’m on a mission like a soldier. Your vision may change, but don’t get distracted. You have to stay true and connected with your vision.”

Williams then spoke about the symbolism of the fedora, a popular hat worn by many in the crowd. The fedora was popular in the women’s right movement and was also used to protect the wearer from wind and bad weather.

“It means protecting what’s yours and who you are – your dreams and goals,” Williams said.


Brim Life owner William Haskell and Style Therapii owner Lynnette Crawford were vendors at the event, showcasing their hats for purchase.

Crawford said style and fashion are like her therapy and that hats play a huge role in completing an outfit.

“You could be having a bad day and then you put on a beautiful hat and you feel so good,” Crawford said.

Crawford also provides fashion styling services. “Not only are you going to come shop with me, I’m going to tell you how to wear this hat, or I’m going to tell you how to wear that dress. You get the whole experience with me,” she said.

Learn more about Style Therapii here:

Learn more about Brim Life here:

Learn more about WyldKard Lyfestyle here: 

While The Hats We Wear is the first event of its kind in Kansas City, Taylor hopes it will become an annual event.

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