Last year, according to Instagram, there were over 1.3 million Instagram posts in support of Black-owned businesses. The number of businesses with “Black-owned” in their profile also increased over 50%. Now, Instagram is making it easier for people to discover Black-owned businesses.

Black-owned businesses that have a shop on Instagram will now be able to designate themselves as Black-owned and display a “Black-owned” label on their profile. Adding the label significantly increases the page’s discoverability to other users on the app.

Instagram said the update is just one slice of their ongoing investment into creating more economic opportunity for Black-owned businesses. They’ll have more updates on their plans soon.

Instagram’s Equity Work

The move to uplift Black-owned businesses on Instagram comes months after Instagram created a new equity team to address the challenges that people from marginalized backgrounds may face on Instagram.

Over the past few months, Instagram has spoken with creators, activists, policy minds and users to unpack the diversity of experiences people have when using the app. One of their top priorities is using Instagram to create more opportunities for economic empowerment.

How to designate your business as Black-owned on Instagram

To begin, tap on “Edit Profile” and select “Business Diversity Info,” where you can learn more about what it means to designate your business as Black-owned. Tap “Get Started” and you’ll land on the “Diversity Info” page. Toggle on the “Show Black-owned business label” setting, which will enable a “Black-owned” label on your business profile and product pages.

Once you designate your business as Black-owned, it may also be highlighted in places like the Shop tab — helping more potential customers discover your business.

Discover more Black-owned businesses

You will see the “Black-owned” label on the profile and corresponding product pages of any eligible business that has self-designated.

You can also explore curated collections in the Shop tab, highlighting a range of products from Black-owned businesses.

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