Forty-two years ago, the National Black United Front (NBUF) was founded in Brooklyn, New York with a goal of uniting, educating and organizing African-Americans nationwide.

Every year since then, the organization’s chapters take turns hosting the annual convention where members come together to address topics facing the Black community like reparations, prison reform and voting rights.

“The more that we bring all these different chapters together, the better we are able to give and add to our communities,” said Muwwakkil Talib, chairperson of the Kansas City chapter of NBUF.  “Maybe Houston is doing something we haven’t thought of that would work in Kansas City. It just gives us the ability to bounce ideas off of each other and share that love.”

This year’s 42nd annual convention, hosted by the Kansas City chapter of NBUF called, “Life Our Way: Seizing the Power of Our Livelihood,” will focus on self-sufficiency and self-determination. The virtual convention on Zoom will take place July 10 to July 11 and will feature speakers and workshops.

The last time Kansas City hosted an NBUF convention in 2017, more than 500 people attended who participated in workshops about homeschooling and starting gardens. Keith Brown from the Innocence Project also presented in a workshop about mass incarceration.

LaTasha Jacobs, cofounder of Pretty Pistols Posse, a gun club for Black women and Dr. Kristee L. Haggins, an African-centered psychologist and community healer who takes a holistic approach to healing the mind, body and spirit, will be the featured keynote speakers of this year’s convention.

There will also be workshops focusing on food sovereignty, creating safe communities and Black love.   

“This year’s convention, we’re more focused on us and doing for ourselves and not waiting for people to give us green lights to do certain things. We just take that power amongst ourselves and do it ourselves,” Talib said. “What I want people to walk away with is the belief in themselves that they can do it.”

Talib said the pandemic really opened people’s eyes to what could happen if grocery stores did shut down and everyone had to fend for themselves. He wants people to walk away from the convention with the skills and networks to be self-sufficient if another shut-down does happen.

“We are in the time where doing for self is not only imperative but a requirement,” Talib said. “The convention’s goal is to give knowledge, experience and skill-based information so that our participants are able to walk away with new-found information and the ability to apply this information in their daily lives.”

To register for the convention and see a schedule of events, visit:

KC NBUF is always accepting new members. To join, email: or call: (816) 866-3025.

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