Wichita Mayor Brandon Whipple has announced the creation of a new Mayor’s Civil Rights Advisory Council. The council is composed of 20 individuals and will focus on issues of inclusion, diversity and civil rights.

The individuals on the committee include:

  • Davontae Harris                              
  • Pastor Pam Mason                         
  • Rev. Kevin Graham                        
  • Alicia Sanchez                                
  • Karen Cayce                                    
  • LaWanda DeShazer                      
  • Tariq Azimi                                       
  • Emily Schlenker                              
  • Marquetta Atkins                             
  • Abi Boatman                                    
  • Sean Gates                          
  • Chad Rico                                        
  • JJ James                                          
  • Faith Martin                                      
  • Ngoc Van                                         
  • Brandon Trotter                               
  • Dalton Glasscock                            
  • Willy Scott Jr.                                   
  • Hussam Madi          
  • Allen Stoker Jr.

The committee will serve a three-month term before the next committee is appointed and will be co-chaired by Council Member Brandon Johnson. The shorter terms will allow the Mayor to garner a wide range of feedback from the community. The committee is slated to meet virtually twice a month or more often as needed. Further details will be announced at a later date.

If an individual is interested in serving on the next committee, please email the Mayor at bwhipple@wichita.gov.

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