Donna Stewart, publisher of the Kansas City Call newspaper, died April 11 at age 65. She had been with the newspaper since May 1977. She started writing for the newspaper after graduating from Lincoln University in Jefferson City, MO.

During those years she worked with the Call’s longtime publisher Lucille Bluford. According to the newspaper’s history, Stewart helped take care of Bluford and and took over the paper after Bluford’s death.

In 2019, The Call, located at 18th and Woodland, celebrated its 100th anniversary. In December, Stewart’s work slowed down after she became ill, She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Due to COVID-19 orders, a private burial is expected to be held.

Watkins Heritage Chapel will handle the service. A public memorial service may be held once the coronavirus crisis ends.

Eric Wesson, a longtime columnist with The Call, said Stewart told him to keep the newspaper going.

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