Hometown: ‘City of Trees’ Boise, Idaho

College: Boise State University/University of Southern California

Years in the Industry: 3

Where were you working before Wichita? In Great Falls, MT. at KFBB ABC/FOX Montana

How have you survived the industry? A great group of mentors who are there for me with any questions I have professionally. They’ve been, and where I may be one day. Support system is huge. 

Why did you choose to go into broadcasting? I actually wanted to be a sports writer, then someone suggested I should look into the broadcast side of things, so I did. 

What’s the hardest part of your job? The hours. It’s more of an adjustment than hard. For the last few years I was an Evening Anchor. Now, I’m a Morning Anchor. Complete flip. 

What’s the easiest part of your job? Talking with people. I’ve always enjoyed hearing and learning about other people.  

What do you like most about the Wichita market? Wichita is a great small to big city. There’s some really good news stories happening. People want to see the area grow too. It’s a great time to be doing news in Wichita. 

What is something that you want to do professionally that you haven’t done already? Win an award for our news coverage. I’ve been a part of a team that was a runner-up. We were close. Hoping to turn the corner with the new team I’m on at KWCH. 

Tell us about your most memorable interview. It was the first Media Day of the NBA season and I interviewed DeAndre Jordan when he was with the Los Angeles Clippers. He seemed uninterested, bored, whatever you want to call it. Finally I said “What’s the most annoying question you’ve been asked today?” Boom, his eyes were open and antennas were up. He said “WOW” then he went on to say he was tired of hearing, and being asked about the Golden State Warriors.  

What’s next after Wichita? I’ve been in Wichita for three months, one day at a time haha! I’m still finding my way at work, in the community and getting settled. This is home right now. If the day comes to cross that bridge, I’ll take the necessary steps then. My mindset is Carpe Diem.

What’s the toughest challenge for African Americans looking to make it in this industry? A chance. African-Americans, people of color, they/we need more opportunities. Especially in these times, people need to be able to relate to the people sharing their stories. Someone told me I might be the first black, non-sports anchor in Kansas. If that’s true, that’s wild to me, it’s 2019. I’ve heard horror stories from friends who have been overlooked because of their skin tone, their accents. That’s nonsense. 

How do you feel about being approached when you are in public? Selfies? Autographs? Funny you ask because that’s something we ‘get to do.’ I heard an anchor say they have to shake hands, say hi, make appearances etc. No, we ‘get to’ do all of that stuff. it’s one of my favorite parts of the job. The people who watch are inviting us into their living rooms regularly. They wake up and start their day with us. Anytime I have a chance to say hi, get involved or take a picture I do my best. KWCH has been great in helping me get involved with our community. 

What’s something interesting and fun about yourself that people may not know? About a month before I moved to Wichita I started looking online for a dog to adopt. I found a French Bulldog in Towanda. The family was great, but life happens and they needed to find her home. So, I have a roommate named Ruby Roux now. Roux for short. If it’s above 50 degrees I’m wearing Flip Flops. Not Slides, I think there’s a difference. But the ones you see on people wearing on the beach. Pant, shorts, doesn’t matter if it’s warm enough, I’m wearing them. 

Are you married? Have children? No, and no. Maybe one day though. 

Your choice of music? Anything I can feel, brings back good memories or makes me think. Anything from 2Pac to The Gap Band to Saweetie. 

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