Twenty-two Vietnam veterans received their Vietnam Era Veterans Medallion and certificate from the Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs during a special ceremony held on April 2, 2019. The program and recognition ceremony was a special coordinated by the Kansas City Kansas Branch NAACP Veterans Committee.

In 2009, the Kansas Legislature approved the Vietnam Era Veterans Medallion Program as a way to thank the men and women who served during that era, but knowledge of the program had been slow to reach those vets. So, the KCK-NAACP under took an effort to make sure veterans of color received this special thanks for their service.

Members of the NAACP’s Veterans Committee manned booths at special events, used community connections, reached out to community organizations and churches and even solicited the support of The Community Voice in an effort spread the word about the program. Committee members also helped the vets complete the forms necessary to receive their medal, made sure they had valid and acceptable proof of service, then collected the applications and mailed them as a group to the Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs.

Impressed by their efforts, Eric Rohleder, interim deputy director of the Kansas Veterans Service, attended the ceremony to personally present the vets their medallions and certificates.

The ceremony was followed by a lite meal and shared military stories.


Jerry J. Avery, Jr. Navy

Robert W. Banks, Navy

Thomas B. Brown Army

Kenneth W. Cage Air Force

Connie L. Carr Marine Corps

John H. Daniels Army

Johnnie L. Foster Army

Ernest B. Galbearth Air Force

Herman W. Hercey Army

Vernie C. Hughes Navy

Arthur L. Jackson Army

Carl R. Jackson Army

Renwick L. Jones Army

Aaron L. Mabon Army

Michael A. McCallop Navy

Gerald A. McIntosh Army

Tyrone S. Montague Army

Dwayne J. Perkins Army

Fredrick D. Reid Army

Clarence I Robinson Army

Daniel E. Ward Marine Corps

Quinton L. Zenon Navy

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