The season opener for Kansas City’s Melting Pot Theater’s 2018-19 season is being highlighted as part of the Expanded Field of Programs for Kansas City’s Open Spaces.

Radio Golf, is the final installment in August Wilson’s American Century Cycle, and it uncovers the internal conflict of the Black middle-class in pursuit of the American dream. The story follows Harmond Wilks, a real estate mogul and emerging mayoral candidate, who is committed to rebuilding the historic Hill District. Harmond believes his commercial development plan will revive the neighborhood. But can he maintain the community’s improvement and its integrity? Or will the Hill District’s progress collide with its past?

While only a selected few of the shows 10 scheduled performances appear in the Open Spaces guide, the show actually runs on stage Thursday through Saturday, Sept. 21 – Oct. 6, at the Just

Off Broadway Theatre, 3051 Central St, Kansas City, MO, in Penn Valley Park. Shows typically begin at 7:30 p.m. but there is a matinee performance on Sat., Sept. 29 at 2p.m. and just one Sunday performance at 2 p.m. on Sept. 23. Tickets are $17.25 for a Thursday performance and $23 – $27.50 for all other shows.

The Melting Pot Theater is an African-American theatrical group founded in 2013 by Kansas City-based actor Harvey Williams.

Kurt joined The Community Voice team in 2021 as the company’s chief executive. He is responsible for the business side of the company including sales, distribution, and operations. Kurt brings to the...

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