Atlantic Starr

Atlantic Starr was among the top urban contemporary acts of the ’80s. While they had a few upbeat hits, they’re best known for their ballads. “When Love Calls” and “Touch a Four Leaf Clover” were big R&B hits, but they scored crossover hits with “Secret Lovers” and “Always.” Over the years, the cast of group members has changed considerably and, every few years the group has had a new lead female singer. Still, we can expect to hear them deliver those tunes we love in a way that has us swooning.


R&B singer Evelyn “Champagne” King came to fame during the disco era and remained prominent through much of the ’80s with over two dozen charting singles. Her disco era style won her lots of crossover fans, but R&B lovers couldn’t resist her fast-paced dance songs either. Of course you can expect to hear her bigger hits, “Love Come Down,” “Betcha She Don’t Love You,” “Shame,” “I Don’t if it’s Right” and “I’m in Love.”


Even though Avant didn’t have his first hit until 2000, 18 years in the business makes him a good fit for this old-school concert, even though he didn’t start making music until well after most of the other acts posted their last hit. Still, if you appreciate a good soul ballad, Avant is your man. “Long as I Live,” a duet he recorded with Keke Wyatt, may be a song many old heads will recognize. It’s a regular go-to slow grinder at “da club.” But Avant’s list of hits is much more far reaching. With a long list of hits to choose from, we hope he plays “Lie About Us,” Read Your Mind,” “Four Minutes,” “Making Good Love,” and “Don’t Take Your Love Away,” just to name a few.


With a lineup of greats, Cameo is sure to close the concert out on a “funky” note. They’ve been keeping it funky for 40 years, and in the process accumulated a stable of immediately recognizable funk hits. So, we can expect to hear “Word Up,” “Shake Your Pants,” “Single Life,” “I Just Won’t to Be,” “Back and Forth,” “She’s Strange,” and “Candy.” But they’re not all funk; the group had a couple of great slow jams. Somewhere in the mix, they’ll probably slow it down long enough to deliver the beautiful ballads “Why Have I lost You,” and “Sparkle.” But, they’ll pick it back up enough to have you feeling the funk all the way home.

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