Pastor Robert Johnson, is the new senior pastor at Saint Mark United Methodist Church, one of the largest predominately African-American Churches in the United Methodist denomination. He’s been at the helm of the new church for two months and is already winning over members with his charming personality and spiritual commitment.

Hometown: Colombia, Miss

Married: Linda Mitchell, his high school sweetheart

Children: 2 daughters

Kayla –Junior at Northeast Magnet

Giselle- Senior, Majoring in Film Studies, at Howard University

Education: Bachelor’s Degree, Psychology, Univ. of Southern Mississippi, Masters in Theology, Perkins School of Theology,

Southern Methodist University.

Favorite TV Channel: The History Channel

He Just Read: “Start With Why,” by Simon Sinek. It’s a book about inspiring leadership in companies, not by asking what and how but why they do things.

His Hidden Talent: He’s a good landscaper and enjoys working in the yard.

His Soapbox: Getting other people to see the humanity in other people, beyond race, economic status, religion or nationality, “all those labels we use to divide.”

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