With a crowd of nearly 8,000 expected for the festival Chuck Byrd and his Platform Promotions team have put a lot of effort into event logistics, including parking. 

With very limited parking at the site, a shuttle service has been set up to transport festival goers from remote parking lots.  Shuttle buses will deliver people from the lots to the festival gates. 

Lighted signs at K96 and other major thorough fares leading to the festival grounds will help direct people to parking. 

Byrd says getting people to the festival fairgrounds won’t be the problem, it’s exiting the festival that he’s concerned about.  With everyone wanting to stay to see the final act, there’s going to be a mass exit and a back-up of shuttles. 

Byrd, says for some reason folks don’t like to wait, but he asks for patience, especially after such an enjoyable evening of fun, friendship and FUNK!

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