A disturbing new poll from The New York Times and Sienna College has Donald Trump ahead of President Joe Biden in five of six swing states that will decide the 2024 presidential election. 

The good news for President Biden is that this is early and there’s still a year to go. The bad news for the president is that a lot of voters are stupid with extremely short memories.

Nate Cohn, The Times’ chief political analyst, says this isn’t really about Trump and more of a reflection of disappointment in Biden, which may also be why Biden won in 2020. 

More voters, myself included, hated Trump more than they liked Biden. I personally would have voted for a wet moldy sponge lying in a gutter over Donald Trump.

My hope is that as we get closer to next November, voters remember who and what Donald Trump, who’s currently facing 91 criminal charges, is. I always maintained the attitude that I want to stay and fight for my country, but if this nation prefers the guy who tried to steal an election and destroy our democracy, then I don’t think I want to stick around. 

I don’t want to live with people who forget how many died because of Donald Trump ignoring the pandemic for his own selfish purposes.

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