The college application event will be held on November 7-9, 2023. During these three days, any Kansas resident, regardless of age or income can apply for free at any of Kansas’ 7 public universities, 19 community colleges, 6 Technical colleges and the 21 private member institutions of the Kansas Independent College Association. Eligible programs include general applications, certificate programs, associate degree programs and bachelor’s degree programs. (Graduate programs or other mid-degree applications will not qualify.)

Who is Eligible to Participate in Kansas Apply Free Days?

All residents of Kansas who are applying for undergraduate programs at all state public and private* Kansas colleges and universities are eligible to submit their admission applications for free on Nov. 7-9, 2023. Undergraduate programs include undergraduate level certificates, associate degrees, and bachelor’s degrees.

All of the following applicants are eligible:

First-time freshmen

Transfer students

Returning students

Applicants seeking a second bachelor’s degree.

Applications for graduate-level programs are not eligible.

*Private Institutions outside of the Kansas Independent College Association may not be participating in the Kansas Apply Free Days. Please check with the individual institution’s admission department if it is not listed here.  

Why do we Have Apply Free Days?

The Kansas Apply Free Days program was designed as part of a statewide effort to break down barriers to higher education, increase Kansas’s college-going and FAFSA completion rates and encourage more Kansans to continue their education. In the last 10 years, the Kansas Board of Regents have seen college-going rate decline. As of 2021, only 59.5% of Kansas high school graduates moved on to a college, university or certificate program, and less than 50% of students submit a FAFSA application – a key indicator of students’ likelihood to continue their education.

By removing barriers for students to achieve a credential, Kansas can help residents take that first step into continuing their education to increase the number of students who complete their programs and enter the workforce with a degree or competitive skills. Kansas Apply Free Days encourages residents to realize their fullest potential.

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