If you, your business or someone you know is still struggling to recover from the negative impact of the COVID-19  pandemic, there are still funds available to help you through Recovery Connect, a Sedgwick County economic recovery program that connects individuals, businesses, and nonprofits with resources.

To get started with an initial assessment contact Recovery Connect at https://bit.ly/3Fx5BYR, by email at recoveryconnect@wichita.edu or by phone at (316) 978-6737 The project is supported by federal funds awarded to Sedgwick County by the U.S. Department of Treasury. It is open to every citizen in Sedgwick County and is managed by the Wichita State University Public Policy and Management Center.

Using awareness, access, and support, Recovery Connect Community navigators help connect individuals, nonprofits, and small businesses with resources. Their services can range from helping individuals with paying their rent or mortgage, students with help in school, individuals with access to physical or mental health services, healthy food and more. 

The Recovery Connect program works to connect with all areas of the population and to provide equitable access to services, however, It isn’t a secret that the COVID pandemic impacted some communities more than others.  Research indicates that communities of color and low-income individuals have received less funding through traditional avenues. For that reason,Recovery Connect puts a specific focus on targeted zip codes of under-represented populations. Recovery Connect seeks to offer knowledge and resources to people, businesses, and nonprofits, especially in minority and underserved populations. 

Beyond individuals, Recovery Connect also works to connect with nonprofits and businesses.  Historically, nonprofits led by people of color garner significantly less grant funding than non-profits led by White people.  Black-owned businesses also were disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and Recovery Connect is focused on assisting them as well.  

To help reach these targeted communities, Recovery Connect is working to build new partnerships and collaborations instead of using only the traditional organizations and distribution methods. 

Note from The Community Voice Team:  The PPMC has put together a coalition of grassroots organizations that already serve the Black community to help them connect with individuals, nonprofits and businesses located in or serving the community, including The Community Voice.  This article is part of our effort to help get the word out in addition to the regular ads they run in The Voice.

P.J. Griekspoor is a semi-retired veteran journalist with 55 years experience in writing and editing in Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, North Carolina and Wichita.  She spent 18 years at the Wichita Eagle...