I know the pundits, me included, say this is the most important election of our lifetime.  

The truth is, the issues at hand are more tempestuous than ever and America is more strongly divided on the issues.  

It’s a division that, if our past few presidential elections are any indication, is more equally divided than ever.  

However, I believe we’re not as equally divided as the results reflect. Instead, I believe the other side shows up in greater numbers.  

They don’t miss an election. That’s why we can’t either.  

In August 2021, Kansans showed what can happen when we really show up. We kicked the abortion constitutional amendment to the curb.  

The Voice Endorses Melody McCray-Miller 

With the retirement of Wichita Supt. Alicia Thompson, it’s imperative that we have someone on the USD 259 School Board we can depend on to keep the interest of OUR children at the forefront.

Conservative Republicans are just one seat short of gaining control of the board. Melody is running to replace Sheril Logan, who is retiring. Logan is one of the current liberal members of the board and if her seat goes to Melody’s conservative opponent, they’ll gain control of the board and our children’s future. 

Melody is running for an at-large seat, which means everyone across the city can vote in this race. To ensure Melody a victory, and protect the future of our children, we must show up in large numbers.

The 2023 Issues Are As Important 

Okay, so we got all hyped up and showed up for the abortion vote, but I say the issues our local officials will vote on in the next four years will have an even greater impact on our life. The Centers for Disease Control says less than 1% of women of childbearing age in America will have an abortion this year.  

Compare that to how many of us will have interaction with the cops this year. Don’t just consider you’re arrested; interactions could mean a speeding ticket, calling them when you need their services, or their much appreciated control of traffic or crowds at large events.  

How they interact with you – is something controlled and impacted by your local elected officials.  So if you elect one of those “Lock them up” candidates, you can guess what you’ll get versus a candidate who supports “Black Lives Matter.”

Wichita Mayor’s Race 

If local issues weren’t important, do you think Americans for Prosperity, a political action group started by Charles Koch, would have invested more than $200,000 in the campaign to elect Lily Wu mayor of Wichita?  

Wichita has a fairly evenly divided city council, three very liberal members and three who lean conservative to right-wing conservative. The mayor’s vote and leadership often weighs heavily on the outcome on issues that are important to our community. 

Wyandotte County Commission

I can’t imagine with all that’s at stake in Wyandotte County, why anyone would sit out this election. You have a government that’s on a path to bankruptcy and property tax rates that are the highest in the state. 

Plus, you’re burdened with that incorrectly-named PILOT – Payment In Lieu of Taxes – which is nothing more than a tax.  

Please show and vote for someone who’s serious about making the change and taking on the hard work needed to save the Dotte. 

Here’s a hint: If they’re only talking about cutting taxes but they’re not talking seriously about how to expand the city’s tax base, and can talk coherently about a plan to do so, they’re not the answer.

Since 1996, Bonita has served as as Editor-in-Chief of The Community Voice newspaper. As the owner, she has guided the Wichita-based publication’s growth in reach across the state of Kansas and into...