Taylor is on the right side of the issues. After pushing her fans to vote in a social media post, over 65,000 new voters were registered within 24 hours. 

Taylor also gave her staff and crew, which includes musicians, dancers, caterers, truck drivers, sound crew, etc, etc bonuses of at least $55 million. What kind of bonus does Kid Rock give his people? 

Taylor is rich and has a property portfolio that’s worth nearly $90 million, but she gives back, having donated to causes such as flood relief in Louisiana and to New York City public schools among other things. 

Donald Trump established a charitable foundation so he could give money that other people donated to himself.

Taylor’s current tour, “The Eras Tour,” will gross over $1 billion and will probably be the highest-grossing tour in history when it concludes with its 146th date, which is set for Toronto in November. 

Yet somehow during this busy tour, Taylor finds time to attend every Kansas City Chiefs football game so she can watch her possible boyfriend Travis Kelce play. 

But during these football games, the cameras are fixated on Taylor Swift. The announcers are constantly mentioning her. The players are asked about her in post-game interviews. 

Anyway, I think maybe we should get Taylor involved in the Israeli-Hamas War. Even if she can’t negotiate a truce, maybe her presence will stop the fighting because all the participants will have to stop to look at her.