The residents of the senior community, DA Holmes I and II, united last week to establish a joint tenant union with the primary goal of securing safe, affordable, and accessible housing. 

The seeds of this tenant union initiative were sown over a year ago when residents of DA Holmes II began organizing alongside their neighbors. They joined forces with KC Tenants and the Eastside Tenant Union, gaining support and insight to bolster their cause. 

The seniors of the newly formed union took their concerns directly to Kris Stout, the Regional Manager of Fairway Property Management, which oversees DA Holmes I and II.

In a meeting with the tenant union representatives, Kris Stout committed to addressing their demands regarding living conditions. The tenants had dealt with numerous issues that they say gravely impacted their quality of life. The primary concern voiced by many was the dire state of security onsite.

The union claims that the state of security at DA Holmes I and II had deteriorated over time. A substantial hole in the gate exposed the community to potential risks, and residents had witnessed vehicles being stolen and damaged on the property. The tenants’ central demand is for the management to take immediate action by activating security cameras outside and repairing the intercom system. 

Beyond security concerns, some DA Holmes tenants have said they have dealt with mold issues and pest infestations of roaches and mice. In response to these challenges, the tenants have developed a demand letter and launched a canvassing effort to gather signatures from fellow residents in support of their demands. These demands include recognizing the tenant union, improving security, enhancing communication, and addressing rent and fees.

Tenants of DA Holmes I and II are adamant that they should not have to endure feelings of insecurity within their own homes. Management has said that they are committed to meeting all the tenants’ demands, and the union said they are ‘prepared to escalate’ if their needs are not addressed. 

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