Families and individuals often wait until it’s too late to answer those end-of-life questions, and families are left guessing what their dearly departed elder would have wanted. 

This weekend, a group of faith leaders and experts are putting on a free workshop to help get the process, called advanced care planning, started. The free workshop is set to take place this Sat., Sep. 30, from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Calvary Community Wellness Center, 3002 Holmes, Kansas City, MO.

The event, titled “What Y’all Gonna Do With Me?” is organized by a group of dedicated community leaders and experts. It addresses the pressing need for individuals to take control of their lives and health, regardless of their current health situation or age.

Advance care planning is crucial to ensuring that one’s healthcare wishes are respected and followed when the time comes. It involves documenting preferences for medical treatments, naming a healthcare proxy, and discussing end-of-life care options.

Key Facilitators and Speakers

  • Pastor Cassandra Wainright, from Heaven Sent Outreach Ministries, brings spiritual guidance and support to the event.
  • Dr. Gloria Thomas Anderson, PhD, LMSW, representing Calvary Community Outreach Network, is an advance care planning expert, author, and creator of the “Let’s Talk About ACP Program.”
  • Stephanie Y. Moss, MBA, MSN, APRN, AGACNP, FCN, an advanced nurse practitioner and owner of SYMBII Holistic Health, contributes her extensive healthcare knowledge to the workshop.

The collaboration of these knowledgeable leaders ensures that attendees receive comprehensive insights into advance care planning from various angles.

Workshop Highlights

During the workshop, participants can expect to engage in informative sessions that cover topics such as:

  • The Importance of Advance Care Planning: Understanding why it’s essential for every individual, regardless of age or current health status, to engage in advance care planning.
  • Spiritual and Ethical Perspectives: Exploring end-of-life care’s spiritual and ethical aspects within the African American community.
  • Practical Guidance: Step-by-step guidance on initiating conversations about advance care planning with family and healthcare providers.
  • Legal Considerations: Insights into the legal aspects of advance care planning, including the importance of having a healthcare proxy and living will.
  • Community Resources: Information about local resources and available support to aid in advance care planning.

Limited Space – Register Now

Due to the high demand for this workshop, space is limited. Interested individuals are encouraged to register promptly to secure their spot. Registration can be completed by registering on this website: https://bit.ly/46k7zHk  or by contacting Pastor Cassandra Wainright via email at ConcernedClergykc@gmail.com.

Refreshments will be provided, and attendees will have the chance to win door prizes. Additionally, every registered participant will receive a complimentary copy of “The African-American Spiritual and Ethical Guide to End-of-Life Care Book.”