Councilwoman Melissa Robinson will host the annual 3rd District Convention aimed at unifying and organizing the voices of District 3 residents.

Residents and community members are encouraged to participate Oct. 7, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., at the Kansas City Downtown Convention Center, Room 2103. Notably, the event offers free parking and lunch for all attendees.

Robinson has made it a tradition to host the convention each year since she took office in 2019, while the event dates back to the 1990s with Councilwoman Carol Coe. 

The day’s agenda is ambitious and community-centered. 

At 10 a.m., the opening session will delve into a $522 million investment plan for the Heart of the City, where participants can prioritize city projects and propose solutions to enhance residents’ quality of life. 

The convention will also feature a dedicated segment titled “2024 Year of the Youth,” reflecting a commitment to ensuring that city officials are responsive to the needs and aspirations of teenagers and young adults.

“It is critical that I am crystal clear on what residents and stakeholders expect from City Hall,” said Robinson. “An elder once taught me that representative means to ‘re-present’ the ideas and demands of those you represent. The 3rd District Convention is the foundation we need to ensure progress over the next four years. I cannot represent the voice of the people if I am not listening and acting on behalf of the people.”

Attendees will have access to dozens of exhibits that foster networking and awareness about area services and programs. The convention also addresses economic disparities with a pre-workshop session to share wealth creation and economic mobility strategies. 

Previous conventions have led to the implementation of positive changes in District 3, like property tax assistance for homeowners, the development of 100% affordable housing projects, the establishment of a Community Action Network Center, and the successful “Operation Cut and Clean,” which introduced covered recycling and trash bins.