Brent Fields

In the USTA National, Martin Blackman is director of player development, where his job is to recognize talent and help players get to the top level.  Having Blackman in this role has helped contribute to the growing number of Black tennis pros.  

On the regional levels, its people like Alex Lee, who have helped grow up future tennis players through his program affiliated with the National Junior Tennis League and summer training program.  Willie Whitaker, Ron Thompson, and Avon Degrfenread, are all coaches in the McAdams NJTL program.

At the sectional level, Lee has encouraged Gabriel Yankey of Wichita and Terry Neal of Lindsborg to serve on the USTA Kansas Board of Directors, and says he hopes they will one day be on the sectional board.

“There are also jobs in administration,” Lee said. “There are at least 20 full time positions.”

Wichita also has two Black men who serve as Directors of local tennis facilities.  .

Regis Foxx is director of tennis at Crestview Country Club and earlier this month, Brent Fields was announced as the new director of the Riverside Tennis Center, the City of Wichita’s primary tennis facility.  .

P.J. Griekspoor is a semi-retired veteran journalist with 55 years experience in writing and editing in Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, North Carolina and Wichita.  She spent 18 years at the Wichita Eagle...