Dollar General is being accused of unfair and deceptive pricing practices by Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, who is suing the retailer. 

The state’s lawsuit says that Dollar General engaged in a systematic pattern of overcharging customers on a variety of everyday items and routinely labeled a product’s price on the shelf lower than what it would ring up at the counter. 

From the lawsuit

“Candles, toilet paper, lip balm, lemonade, tire foam, and drink coolers all have one thing in common at Dollar General stores across the state of Missouri: the prices charged at the point of sale are frequently higher than the prices listed on the shelf.”

There are over 600 Dollar General stores in the state of Missouri and the AG’s office randomly inspected 50 items from 147 of those stores. In 92 of the 147 stores surveyed at least two items were marked incorrectly. 

At the Dollar General on 5501 E. Truman Rd, in Kansas City, MO, they found several mispriced items. Pasta salad, storage containers, chapstick, beverages, and dog treats all rang up for higher than prices listed on the shelf at this location. 

The entire investigation by the state’s Attorney General and Dept. of Agriculture found an average over charge of $2.71 on over 5,000 products. The price discrepancies ranged from a few cents to $6.50 per item. 

Dollar General is also being sued by Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost who found error rates ranging from 16.7% to 88.2% for overcharges in 20 stores during inspections conducted in Ohio. 

Although Kansas’ attorney general has not filed charges, there seems to be a trend, that’s worth paying attention to.  Consider writing down the listed items on the shelf when you pick the item up and compare it at the checkout counter as the attendant rings it up.  If there’s discrepancies, bring it to their attention.  

If you think you’ve been overcharged by a retail store, file a complaint with your state’s Attorney General’s office. 

In Missouri call 800-392-8222 or submit online at

In Kansas call (785) 296-3751 or submit online at