After a recent remodeling project undertaken by new owners, the former P & P Seed & Bait Shop near 21st and I-135, has been rebranded as Mr. Mc’s Market and the McIntosh Family has announced plans to secure funds from Wichita’s Healthy Corner Store Initiative to expand their offerings.

Mr. Mc’s Market introduced fresh produce in the inventory shortly after they took ownership in 2022 and plan to add more diverse selections of melons and other products including purple hull peas, Oklahoma hotlinks, and buffalo fish.

If approved, support through the Healthy Corner Store Initiative could empower Mr. Mc’s to aid other other local corner stores by supplying them with local produce on consignment. 

Additionally, they plan to collaborate with health organizations to conduct screenings and impact health education at each involved location. 

“Our prime objective is to serve our community,” said Alicia Broomfield of Mr. Mc’s. “I recall my initial hesitation in handling worms and minnows. Now, I handle them with ease and possess extensive knowledge about fishing, right from the choice of bait to the best fishing spots. 

“Our product range is vast, spanning pet supplies like Victor’s and Bully Max to essential lawn and garden items. The surge in our fresh produce and meat sales, now tenfold compared to the previous year, inspires us to keep going.”

More melons, purple hull peas, Oklahoma hotlinks, and buffalo fish are among the store offerings.