When twin sisters Racine and Anaia are summoned to their mother’s deathbed to uncover a long-buried secret about their childhood, the discovery sets off a cross-country journey full of revenge and mayhem. 

The sisters must choose between their personal morals and their loyalty to a mother they never really knew. They will travel across the country to confront their past while challenging anyone in their way. 

Audience members will join the sisters on this modern-day odyssey during KC Melting Pot Theatre’s production of “Is God Is,” written by Aleshea Harris and directed by Lynn King, opening Thur., Sept. 14, and running through Sept. 23. Evening shows are at 7:30 p.m., with Sun. matinees at 2 p.m.

In this dark comedy and twisted story of vengeance, Racine and Anaia learn the truth about the physical wounds that have afflicted their lives since age 3. 

But the invisible wounds are in the blood and much more painful. The sisters have been charged with the seemingly impossible task of finding the person responsible for their injuries to exact revenge. 

In their search they encounter the most eccentric and farcical characters, but the girls are unapologetic in their crusade, wreaking havoc along the way. In the end, each sister determines her own resolution about the impact of her childhood and what the past owes her.

Aleshea Harris’ style of writing presents a witty blend of the classic epic tale and the surrealism of the Theatre of the Absurd. It is a unique approach on stage that audience members may have seen on many occasions in film. 

The action of the story will be reminiscent of an urban western meets “Pulp Fiction,” and KCMPT audience members will have the privilege of experiencing this wild ride on stage.

“Is God Is” is the 2018 Obie Award winner for playwriting, and this production will be the Kansas City premiere. The play launches KC Melting Pot Theatre’s 2023-24 season, which is also the company’s 10th anniversary of staging theatrical works that feature complex stories of African-American life through a lens of shared humanity. 

For more info about KC Melting Pot Theatre and tickets, visit www.KCMeltingPot.com. Shows are staged at Just Off Broadway Theatre in Penn Valley Park, 3051 Central, KCMO.