Trump’s legal team has asked the judge presiding over the stolen classified documents case to delay the trial. In a filing Monday, they cited the “sheer volume” of documents they must go over to prepare to defend Trump. 

If there are too many documents for Trump’s legal team to go over before December, when Special Counsel Jack Smith would like a trial to begin, maybe ask your client not to steal so many next time.

Further bullshit the defense team added was that Trump, a leading presidential candidate, is being prosecuted by his political opponent. 

But they forget that Donald Trump is the one who tried to use the government to shut down his political opponent. The irony is rich here. Donald Trump extorted a foreign president and withheld U.S. military aid for dirt on Joe Biden and his son.

As for politicizing the Justice Department, that’s an area where Trump is guilty too. Donald Trump didn’t fire anyone from the Justice Department or FBI to improve those agencies or their service to the nation. No, he only fired them to save his own ass or out of petty vindictiveness.

He fired Acting Attorney General Sally Yates because she refused to enforce his first racist immigration order, but also because she was investigating National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. He fired James Comey because he was investigating Flynn and his connections to Russia. Trump fired U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara for investigating corruption in New York City that connected to Trump. Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions for appointing a special counsel to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election. Trump fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, a day before his retirement, for opening two investigations into Trump. He fired Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI’s counterintelligence division Peter Strzok who was investigating Russian collusion.

If Trump regains the White House (sic), he will again politicize the Department of Justice by appointing a bigger stooge than William Barr ever was and fire the prosecutors in the classified documents case and the January 6 case.