In a 6-3 vote on June 29, the Supreme Court killed affirmative action for college admissions. 

Naturally, Justice (UNCLE) Clarence TOMas, who wouldn’t be on the Supreme Court today if it wasn’t for affirmative action helping him get into Yale, was on the side that ended affirmative action.

Thomas criticized Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson in his concurring opinion. Thomas wrote, “As she sees things, we are all inexorably trapped in a fundamentally racist society, with the original sin of slavery and the historical subjugation of Black Americans still determining our lives today.”

If that is the way she sees it, she’s right. Clarence Thomas can’t see it when he’s on luxury vacations financed by billionaire White guys who wouldn’t allow him to use their indoor plumbing if he wasn’t a Supreme Court justice. 

With Jackson on the court, Thomas finally has someone on the court who he can unleash his hatred of Black people on.

Clarence Thomas has become racist Whites’ best Black friend. He has done their bidding over the past 30 years and gives strength to their arguments, as though Whites are the victims.

It’s strange that Thomas cast his anger at the “lore” of Blacks being victims, while he works and parties with Whites who constantly argue they’re the most victimized people in world history. Look at Donald Trump, whom his wife helped try to steal the 2020 election.

Justice Thomas is against Blacks getting a leg up in education, except in the case of his nephew’s expensive prep school education, which his rich White billionaire benefactor has paid for.