Wichita School District 259 will close out the school year with $1,000 less shortfall in the school lunch budget, thanks to a donation from the AJH Popeyes stores in Wichita.

Darren McGilbray, who became president of ARJH Popeyes last January, signed a ceremonial check at the USD 259 Service Center on June 27. The money will go to pay off the unpaid lunch fund balances of students at schools selected by McGilbray.

“It will come close to wiping out the debt students owe the lunch fund,” he said. “It’s something I wanted to do to show commitment to making sure that kids eat.”

McGilbray comes by his devotion to education naturally. His parents Delvin and Shirley McGilbray have a combined 80+ years of service as Wichita educators and his sister, Delynn, is also an educator.