Jackson County warned that property tax assessments would increase this year by an average of 30%. Nonetheless, many Jackson County taxpayers were shocked to open the mail and see increases ranging from 30% to 300%. 

Home values have soared in recent years, usually a good development for homeowners because their investment in their home is becoming more valuable. However, increased property values mean increased property taxes. 

Jackson County has contracted a third party, Tyler Technologies, which uses a computer-assisted mass appraisal system to set assessment values. They’re using this method  because it streamlines the process of assessing hundreds of thousands of homes without sending an assessor to your home. 

If you have received an impact notice or property tax assessment that you believe is too high, there is a process to appeal, but knowing where to start can be intimidating. Here are some resources, workshops, and events to help navigate the process of appealing your tax assessment and lowering your tax burden. 

Jackson County Property Tax Appeal Workshops 

This workshop will help walk you through every step to appealing your Jackson County property tax assessment. Real estate agents, legal support, and elected officials will be on-site to answer questions and give one-on-one advice on your options and next steps.

Bring the county’s letter and any other written materials or evidence, and visit the county website for value lookup: jcgis.jacksongov.org/parcelviewer/.

Workshops are available in person or on Zoom. In-person workshops require no registration and are free to attend. If you cannot attend in person, register for a Zoom link to the meeting here: JacksonCountyTaxWorkshop.Eventbrite.com.

Workshop Schedule:

Tuesday, June 27, 5:30  to 8:00 p.m. at 28Event Space, 1300 W. 28th St.

Legal Aid of Western Missouri

Legal Aid of Western Missouri’s Economic Development Unit is working pro bono to help certain Jackson County residents to appeal their tax assessment for free. 

Legal Aid’s services are free, but representation in these cases has certain restrictions. You must be 65 or older, have a household income at or below 150% of the federal poverty guidelines based on family size, and live in Jackson County.

Legal Aid’s Economic Development Unit, which is assisting with the taxation appeals, sets these required eligibility requirements.  Those who qualify can contact Legal Aid at lawmo.org or call 816-474-9868.

Fact About Appeals Process

  • The county assessors are offering “informal” reviews to homeowners at the Jackson County Assessment Office at 1300 Washington St. in KCMO.
  • Homeowners can make an appointment or walk-in for a value review during office hours.
  • To increase the chances of reaching an agreement on the assessed value, homeowners should bring the following:
    • Prices of comparable homes in the neighborhood to demonstrate that the valuation is out of line with the local standard.
    • Photos of any damage or unfinished areas of the home to give a better idea of the property’s condition.
    • Recent bills of sale or documentation of the home’s value, especially if it was a recent purchase.
  • Homeowners can file an official appeal with the county’s Board of Equalization if an agreement cannot be reached during the informal review process.
  • The appeal process involves a hearing before three board members to present evidence of incorrect assessed value.
  • The deadline to file an appeal is Monday, July 10, and the process can be initiated online.
  • Homeowners can also request an interior inspection of their home if the property value has risen by more than 15%.
  • If the county review processes do not lead to a satisfactory valuation, homeowners can file an appeal with the Missouri State Tax Commission.
  • To speak with the assessor’s office, call  877-895-9675

For more information on appeals, watch this video or visit the Jackson County website