Global One Urban Farming is a nonprofit with a one-acre plot of inner-city soil that sustainably grows organic vegetables in a USDA-designated food desert. 

Formerly five consecutive unused land-bank lots, the site at 4409 Cypress Ave. has been transformed into a garden that distributes 30,000 pounds of produce a year, free of charge, to area seniors, veterans, and low-income families. 

Global One reclaimed the land to grow tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, green beans, carrots, squash and many other herbs & vegetables. 

“We are growing and giving away organic vegetables for free to help raise health levels in the community,” says Global One co-founder Anthony Nealy who operates the farm with his wife Staroyce. 

“I always had a garden growing up. My wife did too. So when we got together the whole thing started with a little garden of heirloom tomatoes and donating the food to our church,” says Anthony. 

When the Nealys looked to expand they received technical assistance from KC Farm School, entrepreneurship training from PorterhouseKC, and grants from CultivateKC. Giving Grove donated a few peach and cherry trees, and helped with the beds of Blackberry bushes. 

Global One has no paid employees and the farm is worked by the Nealys and volunteers, and the Nealys say they could always use more help. 

“You can never have enough; demand is real high when you offer something to the public,” says Anthony Nealy. “It all goes, nothing gets wasted.” 

Despite the community support, the Nealys still need to raise funds which is why they take donations and host “Jazz in the Garden” events throughout the warmer months. These events cost $20 and feature a meal and local jazz musicians in their community garden. 

Global One also offers a variety of educational programs and workshops on gardening, healthy eating, and sustainable agriculture. 

Where to Find Global One Urban Farming

Greenhouse and urban farm at 4409 Cypress Ave in KCMO

Donate, volunteer, or inquire about produce at

Jazz in the Garden events Sept. 2 and Oct 7 of this year