Four teenage girls will represent Wichita in the competition for Miss Kansas Teen USA when the annual pageant gets underway in Overland Park on June 17 and 18. 

Teens will compete in active wear/swim wear, and in evening gown attire. Each will complete a 2.5-minute panel style interview. Finalists will have a 5-minute on-stage interview where they will answer questions from fellow contestants and judges.

The winner will receive thousands of dollars worth of scholarships and prizes and move on to the Miss USA Teen competition.

Competing from Wichita are:

Brilee Garrett, Miss Greater Wichita Teen

Brilee Garrett attends Wichita NorthWest High school. 

She says her most ambitious goal is to complete her Associate’s degree with Friends University while still  in high school.

“I’m most passionate about being a Girls United ambassador to inspire, empower and lead the next generation of young girls coming up under me,” she says.

 She recently got into pageants, but has found that it pulls her out of her comfort zone and empowered her to work even harder toward her goals.

Brilee’s parents are Michael and Taneice Garrett.

Brilee Garrett, Miss Greater Wichita Teen

Trinity Rouse, Miss Air Capital Teen

Trinity Rouse is an upcoming Kapaun Mt. Carmel senior.

“I strive to inspire our future generation to build healthy lifestyles and pursue new passions,” she says. “I am passionate about serving as a role model and leader.’

As a professional model and business manager of her school’s journalism department, she has learned that finding who you are is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor.

“I did just that by competing in pageants, which has exponentially improved my confidence, communication skills, and ability to serve as your next Miss KS Teen USA.”

Trinity’s parents are Rodney and Emily Rouse.

Trinity Rouse, Miss Air Capital Teen

Khavayi Tsimonjela, Miss ICT Teen

Khavayi Tsimonjela is 14 years old and attends Northeast Magnet High School. 

“My goal is finishing high school in the top 10% of my class and being awarded a full ride scholarship to a four-year college,” she says. “I have a desire to impact people positively and treat people kindly.”

She says she chooses to do pageants because they expose young women to great experiences to help them be better overall as a person; make new friendships, learn communication skills, overcome fear, and be brave.

”I love pageants because they also give young people a platform to represent who they genuinely are and stand for what they believe in. I’m passionate about educating the youth about social, economic, and political issues so we are more aware of what is happening in our society today, to have a voice in the change we want to see in the world.” 

Khavayi’s parents are Sidney and Erica Tsimonjela.

Khavayi Tsimonjela, Miss ICT Teen

Amya Williams, Miss Greater ICT Teen

Amya Williams attends Wichita East High School.

“My ambition is to create change in my community regarding income inequality and diversity & inclusion by working in local government,” she says. “I am passionate about youth engagement in local politics. As the Manager of the Mayor’s Youth Council, we strive to get our peers more involved in city government,” she says.

Amya says she started her pageant journey to try something new and build her confidence. “Pageantry has given me a new way to express myself and I’m excited to continue my journey,” she says.

Amya’s parents are Michael and Amanda Williams.

Amya Williams, Miss Greater ICT Teen