Wichita native Curtis Whitten Jr. is currently No. 1 in his group for the race to the “Mr. Health and Fitness” title sponsored by Muscle & Fitness Magazine. If his position holds, he will be featured in the magazine and win $20,000. He says if he wins the $20,000 he will spend it to start his own training gym and give back to the community.

The winner is being chosen by popular vote and Whitten can use the support of the community and fans. Each person can get one free vote every day or buy up to 10 votes per day at $1 each. You can also type “Curtis Whitten Mr. Health and Fitness” into any search engine and click on the top site to vote or you can go directly there by clicking HERE.  

Voting by Groups ends June 8, with one winner advancing to the Quarterfinals June 12 to June 22. Semifinals are June 23 to June 29 with Finals from June 30 to July 6. The Grand Prize winner will be announced on or around July 13.

His parents, Belinda and Curtis Whitten Sr. live in Wichita. He lives in Overland Park.

Name:  Curtis Whitten Jr.

Age: 25 

Occupation: Operations Manager for Vendtech Enterprise LLC a family founded and owned Federal Security company

Education: Business Management and Entrepreneurship Degree from Washburn University

Motto: Be better than you were the day before

When  did you get your start in fitness? I have been an athlete my entire life. I started playing football, baseball and basketball in kindergarten and that has contributed to my passion for working out and fitness. I fell in love with working hard in the gym or weight room so that I could perform even better on the field.

When did you start powerlifting? I started powerlifting February 2022 and had my first meets in April and June.

Have you broken any records? I broke the Kansas 110kg squat record. I successfully squatted 677 lb.

Top 3 tips: Just show up! The hardest part about the gym is just getting there. Second, have a plan. You’ll need a plan of attack when you’re in the gym, show up prepared and plan to put the work in. Last tip is to have someone to hold you accountable. This can be accomplished by having a partner or friend who can go to the gym with you to keep you motivated when things get tough. Someone who has the same fitness goals as yourself. Iron sharpens Iron.

Dealing with diabetes: I learned I was Type 1 diabetic in 2013. It had a huge impact on me initially because before, I was normal and could just eat and drink whatever I wanted. After my diagnosis I have completely changed for the better. I cut out sugar and foods that contain a lot of fats and carbs. I try to keep it simple. I eat the same things almost daily which makes it easy to manage my blood sugars and give myself my insulin. I think being diabetic has just made me overall more aware of what I eat and to take care of myself more.

Motivation: I just love being better than I was the day before. I want to show and inspire others that with consistency and handwork you can achieve anything you put your mind to, no matter what you are dealing with. I want to inspire other people like me who are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes that you can be normal and live a healthy, active lifestyle.

Social media: Instagram: whitt2fit; twitter: cwhitten7; tiktok: whitt2fit

Best Advice: Good diet, drink a gallon of water a day, take your vitamins, get active everyday

Mental Strength: My family and friends keep me mentally strong. My mother is my biggest supporter and always reminds me that I’m meant for greatness.
Best spiritual tip? Always pray and give thanks, because without God none of this would be possible.