Dottebiz, an online resource for business owners wanting to launch or grow their business in Wyandotte County is now available.

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas (UG) has officially launched DotteBiz, an online resource for prospective and current business owners looking to launch or grow their business in Wyandotte County. DotteBiz offers step-by-step guidance for starting or growing their business, user-friendly detailed checklists and resource guides. It is now easier than ever to find information regarding certifications, grant programs and other financing options, as well as how to become a Unified Government vendor for goods and services.

The Unified Government Procurement Department led the development of DotteBiz site with software provider Qwally. Working closely with local partners such as the Toolbox and the KCMO BizCare office, DotteBiz is investing in small and local business development to support a larger vision to grow local enterprise and entrepreneurship in Wyandotte County. 

“I am extremely excited to officially launch DotteBiz,” said Sharon Reed, Procurement Director. “This online resource will be a game changer for small and local businesses in Wyandotte County. It is imperative that we provide the resources, support, and guidance to help build our businesses in Wyandotte County. We are grateful to the representatives of Qwally for helping us build this great resource for local businesses in our community. A special thanks to the many business community leaders, and KCMO BizCare partners for the amazing collaboration and feedback leading up to the launch of DotteBiz.” 

Through months of requirements gathering with various community partners, DotteBiz is an accessible, regional resource for businesses in Wyandotte County. The Unified Government will continue to incorporate feedback from community partners as well as site users to enhance the website with more resources and capabilities. 

During last night’s Full Commission meeting, Mayor Tyrone A. Garner proclaimed May 11 “DotteBiz Day.” DotteBiz Day celebrates the positive steps the Unified Government is taking in ensuring support and guidance is given to existing and prospective businesses in Wyandotte County. “DotteBiz is a culmination of the UG Procurement and other departments working together to better streamline small and local business processes here at the Unified Government,” said Garner. “I am thrilled to see how businesses will embrace this new business resource. I fully support DotteBiz and can’t wait to see how businesses will benefit from the curated information and resources that are now available here in Wyandotte County.” 

Existing and prospective business owners are encouraged to visit the DotteBiz site for resources, as well as provide direct feedback to the Unified Government about the website. Learn more about DotteBiz, by checking out this short video: DotteBiz: A Business Resource for Wyandotte County – YouTube