As Kansas students continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, Gov. Laura Kelly has announced the creation of the Kansas Education Enrichment Program (KEEP), which will provide qualifying parents and guardians with a one-time $1,000 award per child to pay for educational goods and services such as tutoring and school supplies. 

KEEP opened for applications on Feb. 22. Kansas businesses that provide educational materials or services are urged to join the KEEP Marketplace.

Students whose household income is less than 185% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines will be eligible for KEEP funds. For a family of two, the income maximum is $36,482; for a family of three, it’s $45,991; and for a family of four, it’s $55,500.

KEEP funds will be able to be used on enrichment and educational activities including:

– ​The purchase of curriculum and educational materials, including school supplies and certain allowed technological devices.

– Camps with academic-related curriculum such as music, arts, science, technology, agriculture, mathematics, and engineering.

– Tutoring.

– Language classes.

– Musical instruments and lessons.

– The funds will not be eligible for private school tuition.

Parents and guardians may select enrichment and educational activities from approved service providers via the online KEEP Marketplace or request that a service provider be approved and added to the statewide directory.

More on How it Works

The program website is It showcases businesses who are already approved to provide services under the program, but if you have a business you want to use, encourage them to apply.  

However, if you want to purchase Curriculum / School Supplies / Technology, you MUST shop at one of the stores in the Curriculum / School Supplies / Technology section of this marketplace. If you submit a receipt for a purchase you made for one of these items elsewhere, it will NOT be reimbursed.

The same goes for the purchase of a musical instrument. You must shop at one of the stores in the Music Lessons / Instrument Purchases section of this marketplace to be reimbursed.

Some businesses will require you to pay out-of-pocket for their services and submit a receipt in the claims app for reimbursement to you.

Some businesses will allow you to submit an unpaid invoice through the claims app that pays the business directly.