Motto: You only live once.

Age: 45 next month

When did you start working on fitness? Years ago. A lot of people around me were working out and I wanted to join them.

Fitness Advice: Just do your best and always stay active.

Top Tips: Make sure you stay hydrated. Always stretch. Stay consistent.

Nutrition Plan: Low calories, high protein.

Motivation: What motivates me is my love for life and to live and to help people be better every day.

Social Media: I’m on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

Best Physical Tip: If you can do it, then do it. Never do less than what you can.

Best Mental Tip: Don’t worry about what other people say or think about your journey.

Best Spiritual Tip: Believe what you want to believe, just keep your mind open and never be disrespectful to other beliefs.