Through a new partnership with City in Motion Theater, FREE dance classes will be offered at the Linwood YMCA as part of the organization’s new mission that envisions a world of dance for everyBODY.

Pulling on their 36-year legacy in Kansas City, City in Motion Theater is expanding their community outreach efforts with new programming designed to expand their programming to reflect Kansas City’s growing diversity and to also bring the healthy aspects of dance to Kansas Citians that face financial, social, cultural, intergenerational and geographical barriers.

For this reason, The Linwood YMCA was chosen as a satellite dance studio to offer access to youth and residents in the area. According to the 2022-2027 Kansas City Community Health Improvement Plan, the Linwood corridor has the city’s lowest life expectancy of 68.1 years and the population is made up of 86.1% minorities. 

“This dance satellite program will engage Kansas Citians, regardless of age, income or background—to nurture their creative potential and well-being through high-quality artistic education and access.” says Lydia Knopp, Board President at City in Motion Dance Theater.

City in Motion specializes in over 15 different dance styles for children, teens and adults, however they’re looking to structure their Linwood program to address the interest of the community’s participants.  

“Our focus is providing an experience where EveryBODY can experience the joy of dance!”

City in Motion’s professional teaching staff and programming will reflect the cultural demographic of the area, offering both technical and cultural dance styles for adults and kids on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. 

Beyond free classes, the program involves training, performance opportunities, apprenticeships, and fellowship to youth participants. 

Classes begin Mar. 27 and the spring session runs for eight weeks until May 21. Sessions will continue through summer, fall, and winter 2023. 

This dance satellite program is made possible by the Health Forward Foundation. For more information about class offerings, visit