The Kansas African American Museum has received cultural funding in the past. Funding is also available for up and coming arts organizations and individual artists.

The City of Wichita Division of Arts and Cultural Services opened applications March 6 for 2024 cultural funding grants. 

Funding opportunities include operating grants for nonprofit cultural arts organizations, developing art grants that provide capacity building funding for upstart cultural arts organizations and Artist Access grants that provide professional development support to individual artists. 

This year, artists will apply online via the online grant platform Submittable.

All prospective applicants are encouraged to attend an information session about the grant opportunities and the use of Submittable training offered at 10 a.m. (virtual) and 2 p.m. (at CityArts) on Thurs., March 23. 

The application process is now open with forms available online.  Here’s the application timeline: 

Now through Fri., May 26 – Staff will review drafts for completion

Tues., March 21 – Developing Artists Info Sessions (10 a.m. virtual, 2 p.m. at CityArts)

Wed., March 22 – Operating Grants Info Sessions (10 a.m. virtual & 2 p.m. at CityArts)

Thurs., March 23 – Submittable Info Sessions (10 a.m. virtual & 2 p.m. at CityArts)

Fri., June 2 – Submission Deadline

After approval by the City, awards, grant awards are typically announced in August or September, with funding dispensed shortly after the announcement. 

For applications, tips on submitting applications and to see a list of 2023 grant recipients visit