With the upcoming mailing of 2023 Notice of Appraised Values and Classifications on March 9, 2023, the Unified Government of Wyandotte County and KS (UG) Appraiser’s Office will be hosting a series of open house sessions.

The open house sessions offered at various community centers will allow residents to meet representatives from the Appraiser’s Office, ask questions, learn details about the appraisal process, as well as receive information on the appeal process. 

“I encourage anyone who has questions or concerns about their Wyandotte County valuation to attend one of these sessions,” said County Appraiser, Matthew Willard.  Topics covered will include how values are established, how a property tax bill is calculated, and how to file and prepare for an informal appeal.”

According to the Wyandotte County 2023 tax year market study conducted by the Appraiser’s Office all market areas will be increasing in value. Average and median sale price and sale price per square foot indicators as well as with statistical model indicators were reviewed to figure the overall median value trends in each market area. 

Factors including high demand and low supply continue to drive the demand for residential property in Wyandotte County. A study focusing on the residential market indicates a median uptick trend of 20% over the course of 2022.  A median value is the midpoint in a series where half of the values will increase at a higher rate and half will increase at a lower rate.

2023 Open House Dates & Locations

March 11, 2023 – 10 AM to 11 AM

(Eisenhower Community Center) -2901 N. 72nd Street, KCK, KS 66104

March 14, 2023 – 6 PM to 7 PM

(Beatrice L. Lee Community Center) – 1310 N. 10th Street, KCK, KS 66102

March 15, 2023 – 6 PM to 7 PM

(George Meyn Center)- Wyandotte County Park, 126th State Avenue, Bonner Springs, KS 66012

March 18, 2023 – 10 AM to 11 AM

Joe E. Amayo Argentine Community Center – 2810 Metropolitan Avenue, KCK, KS 66106

As residents begin to receive their 2023 appraised values and classifications in the mail beginning on March 9, 2023, the Appraisers Property Search site will also be updated with the latest property information.  If members of the public plan to attend one of the open house events and have not received their notice of appraised value, they can visit the link above to obtain current information on their property.       

For more information about the Appraiser’s Office, visit their website at Appraiser’s Office – Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City (wycokck.org).