The air travelers to Kansas City International will be treated to some of the most modern technology available at any airport in the United States.  

Yes, there are plug-ins on the seats at the gates that allow you to charge your device and plug in your equipment, but there’s much more.  In addition, for charging telephones there are a number of workstations throughout the airport that allow you to charge your device using special wireless charging pads.

In addition, there are some things we’ve grown to expect in other airports, but were missing in the city’s old 60’s-era terminal:  

For your enjoyment, the terminal has television screens throughout the gate areas.  

Moving sidewalks take you between the main terminal and concourse B 

Another nice treat are the glass jet bridges used for boarding the plane.  Instead of the closed in bridges, where all you can see is the head of the person in front of you.  With these new glass bridges, boarders can enjoy a panoramic view of the airport and ground activities.  

Spread out across the airport, there are a number of special rooms that provide services many travelers may not have even realized they needed.  

There’s a business center, with a conference for conducting meetings.  

There’s a quiet room, located on the A12-39 concourse, for activities such as prayer and meditation.  Silence your phones if you plan on using it.  

There’s a sensory room, located in the B concourse hub, designed to help travelers who may become overwhelmed by a bustling and unfamiliar place.  

There’s a handicapped-accessible play area in the B concourse hub 

A small touch, but extremely helpful for travelers is the abundance of signage.  As an example, when you take the escalator down into the baggage area, there’s a large sign that tells you what direction to go for all of the airline’s baggage claims.  How many times have you found yourself wandering around the baggage claim area trying to find the carousel for your airline? 

In addition, the signage includes visual messaging boards, alongside the arrival and departure information.  

Changes with the terminal’s restrooms are so unique, they earned their own separate article.  But in the spirit of signage, we’ll share here that the bathroom stalls have red and green lights that tell you if a terminal stall is occupied (red light) or empty (green light).

Finally, in the ultimate technology surprise, there’s a totally automatic retail shop sponsored by Amazon in Concourse B40-69.  No checkout and no cash accepted, but you must have a credit card to enter the store and as you leave with items in hand – or wherever you might stuff them – the card you provided is charged. 

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