If the goal of the new Kansas City International Tournament was to move Kansas City into the 21st Century, it’s accomplished that and more.  

The brand-new state-of-the-art terminal may even be ahead of the curve with its new All-gender bathrooms.  Maybe a better term might be coed bathrooms.  Yes, women, men, and others can use the same bathrooms.  

There are women-only bathrooms in the terminal as well as men-only bathrooms for those who aren’t up for mixing of the sexes, but they’re much smaller bathrooms.  For example, I saw one women’s bathroom in the A concourse with five stalls on one side and five more on the other side.  In fact, the largest women-only bathroom I saw, but I missed a few, has just six stalls per side.   

The much larger all-gender bathrooms have 16 stalls per side. 

For ladies, who get tired of waiting in line and wished they could dip into the men’s room, here’s the answer.  Their bathroom is now your bathroom as well.  

How Does it Work? 

The bathrooms are color coded. Women’s restrooms are yellow, men’s restrooms are blue and all-gender bathrooms are green.  While the signage for the all-gender restrooms has a woman on the left and a man on the right, users might think women should go to the left and men to the right.  

That’s how I found myself talking to an elderly gentleman in the all-gender restroom.  When he saw me approaching, he asked “did I go to the wrong side?”

Hopefully, this won’t be too confusing after a while, when anxious women, tired of waiting in line head, start heading to the first available stall.   

Availability clean

Unlike typical public bathrooms where the doors and side walls don’t go all the way to the floor and the ceiling, these stalls are complete closets closed in from floor to ceiling, providing a great deal of privacy.  

To help you know which stalls are available, there are red and green lights on the ceiling in front of each door.  Green means the stall is available and red means it’s in use.  

Other Options

All restroom blocks include at least one family restroom.  In addition, there are two bathrooms, one in each concourse, with adult-sized changing tables.  There is also a room designed for changing clothes in each restroom block.  There is a nursing room in each block of women’s and all-gender restrooms.  

The planners didn’t forget the pets, there are three pet restrooms strategically located throughout the airport.  

In other great looking out, there are two restroom banks, one on each end of the terminal before you go through security and there are also two restroom banks in the baggage claim area, plus one in customs.

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