Kansas City is finally entering the 21st Century with a new state-of-the-art studio comparable, or better than, other cities of our size.  

The existing airport, built for 1960s travel and pre-TSA travel, will provide a great welcome for visitors to KC.  

The terminal, just over one million square feet has spacious gate areas, updated technology and amenities, 50 local and national food, beverage and retail options; a spacious check-in hall; and 16 lanes for TSA clearance – 8 for TSA pre-approved. 

After clearing security you’re in a main hub for the terminal you enter what we call a central hub.  From here you can reach any of the terminal’s 40 gates.  The facility has the flexibility to expand to 50 gates.    From this area, you go left and right to the A concourses.  Go straight ahead to get to the B concourses which are further out — but not that far.  However, if your flight is on a B gate you might allow a little more time to make sure you make it to your gate on time.  

In the main entry “hall” before heading to any of your gates, you have access to four dining and four shopping options.   There’s also a business center – better described as a meeting/conference room and quiet with directions for your behavior.  

FYI, before security, the only food or retail option is a Dunkin Donuts.

Gates A1 – A10 are to your right when you enter the main area.  In that area are two dining options and one gift shop.  Also in this area, you’ll experience the first of the airport’s all-gender restrooms. Yes, the men and the women go together. Learn more about those here.  

Gates A12-20 are to your left.  In this area are two locally owned restaurants that our readers may be familiar with.  Soiree Steak and Seafood House, currently located in the 18th and Vine area, has a dine-in facility as does Urban Cafe, whose owners have temporarily closed their KC location after a car ran into the front of the building.  There is one other restaurant and two retail locations on this concourse.  

To head back to the B concourses you can choose to take the moving sidewalk or walk.  There are two sections of moving sidewalk.  Between the two sections of sidewalks is the concourse connector with a display that highlights the importance of air travel globally and in Kansas City.  

You enter the B concourse to another central food and retail hub with seven dining and three retail options. Also in this area is a sensory room designed to help people who may become overwhelmed by a bustling and unfamiliar space can come to calm themselves.    

Gates B40 to B52 are to the right.  In this area are three food and two retail locations.  

Gates B54 to B60 are to the left.  In this area are three retail and two three food locations.  Also in this area is the Variety KC Inclusive Play Zone, designed to be handicap accessible.  

Really great assets in the airport are the information desks that are strategically located and easy to find. There’s an info desk right when you enter the main area past security, one when you enter the concourse B main hall and one as you come off the down escalators to enter the baggage claim area.  

The baggage area is located on the ground floor of the terminal. An example of great signage that more airports should have is a large sign that directs you to the baggage claim area for your airline. 

Parking is plentiful.  Adjacent to the airport is a 6,200-space parking garage with red (occupied) and green (available) lights above each space to help you find a space.  Parking rates are going up/  Terminal parking, currently $23 is going up to $25 per day.  Surface parking, currently $15 is going up to $18 per day and economy parking is going from $7.50 to $8 per day.  Based on popularity, valet parking –   implemented during construction – is being continued.

Take a tour of the airport with us in the gallery below..

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