Members at the Boys and Girls Club of South Central Kansas put their artistic talents to work to create a Black History Mood Board showcasing what they learned through discussion and reflection during Black History Month. The board is on display at the Opportunity Drive location.

Youth Development Professional Emanuyel Brown says creating the board was a way to open a conversation on how members envision Black History while also giving club members a space to reflect on how Black history has affected them personally.

Brown led the exercise with a lesson about key figures in Black history. Members then discussed the major achievements of Black people and their role in the nation’s history. The members then put what they learned in action by creating the Black History Month Board.

“I liked being able to get creative and participate in the Black History board because I’m Black and it teaches me about our history and how the Black people of the past have fought to change our lives,” said seventh grader A’mareya R.

Justice T., an eighth grader, said “I liked being able to see the board because it shows that Black History Month is a time to acknowledge those who impacted our history and how we can bring about positive change in the present and future.”

Boys and Girls Clubs of South Central Kansas serves young people from kindergarten to 18 years old with guidance-oriented character development programs conducted by trained, professional staff after school and during the summer.

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